• Show Park is the biggest adult entertainment center in Central Europe.
  • Show Park is visited by several hundred solvent customers every day.
  • You will make about EUR 500 a day in Show Park
  • Prague is the most entertaining city in Europe.
  • All the world fashion brands have their boutiques in Prague.
  • Unrepeatable atmosphere of the hundred-spired mother of cities.
  • Prague is easily reachable in many ways.
  • Make a flight, bus, or train reservation
  • Prague offers a lot of different types of accommodation,
    from five-star hotels to tourist hostels or apartment leases.
  • It is possible to arrange everything upon arrival or make a reservation
    for your accommodation online, now!
  • After joining the EU, your stay and work in Show Park is completely legal
    and you will not be violating any law.
  • You will not be risking anything by making a trip to Prague, this city is offering
    a lot of other work opportunities.
  • We will advise you on how to decrease risks arising from living in the metropolitan city..