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  • You will work in the Czech Republic as an active performer, which is an independent gainful activity.
  • As an active performer from a foreign country, you have no tax liability in the Czech Republic.
  • You will not need any permit or registration to work as an active performer.
  • Your work in Show Park will be completely legal.
  • Never submit your passport or any other identification document to anybody (but enable its copying).
  • Always remember the current address.
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  • If work in Show Park is not for you, you don´t have to worry.
    Prague offers unlimited work opportunities.
    The easiest and, at the same time, very well paid opportunity awaits attractive girls
    in modeling. Show Park directly cooperates with a modeling agency.
  • You can arrange a photo shoot during reservation.
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  • In the Czech Republic, you can utilize emergency call line of the integrated rescue system
    (police, ambulance, and fire fighters) when you dial 112, and you can call this line from any telephone.
    t is possible to call this line from the cell phone even without a SIM card or with a foreign calling
    card even without an activated roaming.
    You can reach 112 from any pay-phone, even without a calling card or coins.
  • Police in the Czech Republic works fast and you don´t have to be afraid to call if you need help
    The direct phone number of Czech police is 158. You can call this number from
    any pay-phone without a calling card or coins. However, you can call it from a cell phone
    only if you utilize services of Czech mobile operator or have a roaming activated. Police has interpreters
    for various languages available
  • Romanian Embassy in the Czech Republic - Prague 1, Nerudova 256/5, phone: 257 534 210,
    fax: 257 531 017, e-mail: